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Design Selection – The first step of the entire process starts with our designers , developing and finalizing the designs and handing the list over to the sourcing team.
Sourcing – From that list, the sourcing team starts working on the designs on the basis of availability of the trendy raw material and budget as our purpose is to provide budget friendly fast fashion items to our customers. After finalizing the developed designs, with all required technical parameters they send the designs to 25+ factories in Delhi and NCR who work exclusively for us.
Manufacturing & Marketing – This process is then followed by the factories giving us the sample products and our design team approving them. After the designs are approved, the production houses start manufacturing and the marketing team starts its work, the products go live on our websites.
Quality Check – During/After the products are manufactured, they go under quality check at various phases by our assigned officials, then only they are dispatched from our end.
Customer Support – To support any customer queries, we have our Customer Support Department that guides and provides them aids at the required moment.