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Western wear
Ethnic wear

Our Offering


Our Vision is to increase range of our product line, good quality and competitive prices, and be one of the most reliable fashion brand names among our clients across India and overseas.


One of the fastest growing technology enabled company with an e-commerce platform & physical stores to bring the trendiest fashion & latest products in market at most reasonable & affordable prices.


We are a digitally native consumer technology platform, delivering a content-led, lifestyle retail experience to consumers. Since Our incorporation in 2017, we have invested both capital and creative energy towards designing a differentiated journey of brand discovery for our consumers.

We have a diverse portfolio of Lifestyle products like Footwear, Western Wear, Ethenic, and other fashion products, including Our owned brand products manufactured by us. As a result, we have established Ourselves not only as a lifestyle retail platforms but also as a popular consumer brand selling on Our niche websites as well as on the marketplace. We offer consumers an Omnichannel experience with an endeavor to cater to the consumers’ preferences and convenience.


Value based fashion products and caters to masses.

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Premium website with a ticket size of more than 1500 to 2000 INR.

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Very much a deal site and our audience gets all sort of deals on the platform

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Serves traditional clothing imbedded with technology.

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Website that caters needs of our customers, from footwear to garment.

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Deals in all kinds of footwear for women, from heels to gladiators.

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Think 100x. Use technology for non-linear growth. Failure and experimentation are essential for growth

Be partner of choice, who is ethical, transparent and collaborative

Customer love matters. Each of our brands needs to be in the top decile of customer experience

Attract and grow the best talent. Create an inclusive culture where the best ideas win and you have the obligation to engage and dissent

We are frugal with capital and use innovation to grow our brands in a sustainable manner


March 2016-2017
Orders : 35,728 Gross Revenue : 19,742,197 Delivered : 18936 Turnover : 10463364

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March 2017-2018
Orders : 35,728 Gross Revenue : 19,742,197 Delivered : 18936 Turnover : 10463364

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March 2018-2019
Orders : 251,882 Gross Revenue : 136,811,210 Delivered : 138535 Turnover : 75246166

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March 2019-2020
Orders : 482,423 Gross Revenue : 256,248,907 Delivered : 274981 Turnover : 146061877

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March 2020-2021
Orders : 556,202 Gross Revenue : 298,824,772 Delivered : 322597 Turnover : 174018368

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Design Selection

The first step of the entire process starts with our designers , developing


From that list, the sourcing team starts working on the designs on

Manufacturing & Marketing

This process is then followed by the factories giving

Quality Check

During/After the products are manufactured, they go under quality check


Executive team

Director & Founder
Mr. Naveen Mahlawat
Mr. Mohit Dahiya
Digital Marketing Lead
Mr. Vinay Rana
Operations Manager
Mr. Farhad Hossain

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